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Project Experience

St Lawrence's Church, West Wycombe


St Lawrence’s Church is Grade 1 listed and sits on top of West Wycombe Hill.  A golden ball was added to the tower during the 1750s and is a recognised symbol of West Wycombe village.  It was reputed to be a meeting place of the Hellfire Club with seating for up to six people.

St Lawrence's Church

There is no fixed ladder, so access was made for the inspection via an extendable ladder, safety rope and harnesses.

We were asked to inspect the condition of the timber structure forming the dome.

St Lawrence's Church

Considering its exposed position, it was found to be in relatively good condition, partly due to the excellent quality oak used for its construction and a good throughflow of air.

However, there was some surface decay associated with wind driven rain through the open windows, corrosion of metal fixings and a number of cracked timbers.

Our client was very pleased with EBS Ltd findings and that no significant structural works were required.