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Swiss Garden, Bedfordshire (in Progress)

Mar 30, 2013

Swiss Garden in Bedfordshire has a range of listed structures and buildings.  They have been awarded Heritage Lottery Funding for refurbishment works and have commissioned EBS to survey the fabric and to perform environmental monitoring.

EBS are currently carrying out a detailed diagnostic, non-destructive, environmental building fabric Inspection for condensation, damp, residual moisture, hygroscopic moisture, infestation, timber decay and timber stress grading in the Swiss Cottage, Fernery, Grotto, Indian Pagoda and all the other buildings on site. EBS is also carrying out a diagnostic mycoflora, mould risk assessment survey and environmental monitoring.

EBS installed data loggers to monitor the internal and external environmental conditions, to determine the impact of the environment on the building fabric including;

  • Finishes
  • Historic environment
  • Deterioration due to condensation
  • Damp
  • Residual moisture
  • Hygroscopic moisture
  • Infestation


A final conclusion will be posted once the ongoing works have been concluded. However the monitoring will enable adverse conditions in the structures to be picked up early and changes made to prevent deterioration.