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Feb 23, 2016

Monitoring Fire and Flood Damaged Buildings

EBS Ltd have been involved with a range of fire and flood damaged buildings, carrying out environmental monitoring, hazardous materials and moulds risk assessment, moisture distribution, fungal infestation, decay and forensic investigations.  Following these important procedures we carefully manage and monitor the drying out process to minimise any additional damage to the building.

The knowledge gained from major fire and flood damaged projects over 30 years including; Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Guys Hospital, Oakleaf Properties, Jersey and Marlborough House, Hastings was extremely valuable to develop sustainable solutions to these problems.

Timber Decay Surveys - EBS Ltd recently carried out Timber Condition Surveys of the northwest transept roof of Canterbury Cathedral

The oak roof was generally in good condition, although some water penetration had resulted in wet rot decay to a number of rafters, purlins and wall plates. 

Woodworm and Death Watch Beetle had damaged the sapwood of many of the timbers but this was generally not structurally significant as the sapwood made up a small cross section of the timbers. However some of the damage was found to be structurally significant in areas of historic water penetration.  These areas were tested with a RESISTOGRAPH decay detection drill to assess and quantify the full extent of decay.

Some limited repairs were required to strengthen the timbers.  No chemical treatment was recommended as the decay was not active in most instances and any areas of active insect damage will be removed when the repairs are carried out.


Timber Decay Surveys include:  The Tower of London, The British Museum Dover Castle, Westminster Abbey, Grangegorman, Dublin, Bolands Mills, Dublin Kings College & Clare College, Cambridge, Christ Church, Oxford.


Detailed information on fungal infestation, decay in buildings, mould and health implications, management of decay and health in buildings has been provided in:

Dr Jagjit Singh’s book on Building Mycology

Management of decay and health in buildings


Continuing Professional Development

The Directors of EBS Ltd are experts in their field and regularly give presentations and talks. 


EBS Ltd provides independent scientific advice and analysis on building health problems, occupational hygiene, environmental monitoring, fungal, insect pest, damp and timber decay problems in buildings, museums, bridges, ships and other landmarks.  The services offered include:

Timber Decay

EBS Ltd provides non-destructive investigation, analysis and environmental control of dry rot, wet rot and wood boring insects, such as woodworm and death watch beetle.

Damp & Moisture Damage

We can provide detection, analysis and environmental control of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation.

Environmental Monitoring

EBS Ltd can provide short or long term monitoring and control of environmental conditions in buildings after fire, flood and general neglect.

Mould Investigation & Remediation

EBS Ltd has a dedicated team of scientists who investigate, analysis, monitor and provide environmental remediation of moulds and house dust mites.

Sick Building Syndrome & Allergy Problems in Buildings

EBS Ltd provides scientific advice and analysis on allergy problems in buildings, sick building syndrome and indoor air quality.  EBS Ltd has the expertise to investigate building construction and materials, occupancy patterns, ergonomics, biological, physical and chemical factors and perceptions of all aspects of the built environment.

Stone Decay

We can provide investigations into biological, physical and chemical deterioration of stonework. 


Research into building health moulds, moisture biodeterioration of building materials and environmental monitoring.

Pest Management

EBS Ltd provides investigation of pest problems both inside and outside the building environment.  Pests include pigeons, cockroaches, clothes moth, Pharaoh’s ants, woodworm and death watch beetle.

Litigation & Expert Witness

A dedicated service for solicitors, councils and property owners covering environmental health problems, analysis of building defects and damp and dry rot, preparation of independent reports and expert witness work.

Fire & Flood Damage Monitoring

Drying out buildings after fire and flood damage requires the careful application of many scientific principles, beyond the simple use of drying equipment in an uncontrolled way.  Cost effective environmental strategies for drying out can then be suggested based on the data from site investigation and monitoring.

The Site Hazard Assessment Service will include any or all of the following, tailored to your particular project:

  • Testing for Anthrax in animal hair lath & plaster

  • Mould levels, including identification for pathogenic & toxic moulds

  • Lead levels in paint work

  • Hazardous dust assessment & fibrous materials (other than asbestos)

  • Electrical components for possible PCB or mercury presence – visual assessment

  • Timber treatment chemical assessment