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Luton Culture Hat District Cluster Project

Mar 15, 2018

Director of Environmental Building Solutions, Dr Jagjit Singh,was invited to give a talk at a Pecha Kucha meeting, (Hat District Funders Update) for Luton Culture Hat District Cluster Project.

The Hat District Cluster Funders will contribute significantly to the growth and development of Luton by promoting several exciting projects. One of these projects is to refurbish three historic hat factories into arts and cultural venues with work, show and share spaces.


Hat Works Mould, Damp & Nasties  

(Funded by Historic England, Emergency Repair)

Dr Singh’s talk opened by focusing on the following issues, that he illustrated with a variety of interesting photos.

  • Damp & Residual Moisture  
  • Building Fabric
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental Monitoring On Going 


Building Fabric Issues

    Damp & Residual Moisture – chronic damp


    Damp, Water Ingress & Residual Moisture in the fabric





Damp & Residual Moisture - mortar sampling



Building Fabric - Structural Timber    Dry rot, wet rots - Infestation & Decay



Science of building Mycology & timber decay by Dr Singh


Remedial Treatments are Damaging to Health & Buildings

Treatment Underway

 A slide depicting how some less scrupulous firms carry out repairs


   Dry rot at the Hat Factory, Luton


Structural Timber: Infestation & Decay
Dry Rot & Wet Rots



Structural Timber: Infestation & Decay
Dry Rot & Wet Rots


Health & Safety Issues

Anthrax: Lath & Plaster Contamination


   Moulds Infestation: Mould & Toxic Mould


   Spore Size


   Mould Infestation: Testing & Remediation



Mould monitoring in the indoor environment, cavities and void monitoring



Environmental Monitoring & Control

Drying out under controlled conditions

Environmental control of infestation & decay