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Nathan Paszylk has won another Tennis Tournament!

Sep 30, 2020


This year’s tennis season has been outstanding for Nathan



Nathan has won a Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club tournament, beating a very strong player in the final. 

The trophy was presented by the most successful under 18s tennis player in UK, making this win extremely special and memorable for Nathan and his family.

Nathan is still using the shoes and racquet bought with the sponsorship provided by EBS Ltd.










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EBS Ltd are proud to have sponsored a talented young tennis player.

Nathan Paszylk is a gifted fledgling tennis player who works hard to improve his tennis skills.  He has already won many medals including gold medals in various tournaments.

After a few years attending Papworth Tennis Club, Nathan started to train at Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club.  This move ensures he will get the best possible coaching and facilities in the area.

Nathan’s father Grzegorz Paszylk said. 

“Even during the lockdown when all courts were closed, Nathan trained on a homemade court using a flat and fairly even grass area.   He also worked on his fitness at least four times a week.  This hard work paid off quickly after lockdown ended, as Nathan won 5 out of 6 official matches played at Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club”. Nathan’s training is very intense and includes one to one coaching and group lessons.  He needs to replace his racquets and shoes very often. 

Nathan plans to spend his sponsorship money on two new racquets and a new pair of tennis shoes.  This will help Nathan to continue his training at a high level.