Identifying and solving building problems environmentally without the use of chemicals

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Indoor Air Quality & Health

Health Inspections for Mould Allergies & Related Illnesses

EBS Ltd is dedicated to improving the quality of the built environment and the health, comfort and productivity of the building’s occupants.

Of the many days work lost through sickness, a notable amount is caused by allergy problems and building related illnesses. This may lead to low morale and inefficiency within the workforce.

Several Acts of Parliament and the ‘Control of Substances Hazardous to Health’ (COSHH) regulate the work place environment. Careful environmental assessment of building plans and monitoring of the built environment can alert managers to problems before they arise.

EBS Ltd gives guidance and recommends ways of improving standards. We suggest strategies for improving the quality of the workplace, minimising the impact of buildings on the environment.

EBS Ltd provides

  • Advice and guidance on environmental design, control and maintenance of buildings
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Air and water quality control
  • Building services design and review
  • Energy efficiency assessment
  • Simulation based problem solving
  • Technical reports on sick building syndrome and building related illnesses.
  • In house scientists in health and comfort, air conditioning and environmental control
  • Links with an international network of consultants from industry and academia
  • An extensive library allowing instant access to air quality and building health

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