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Historic Building Investigations

Borescope Inspection Services

Dr. Jagjit Singh using a Borescope

EBS Ltd uses Borescopes to carry out inspections of hidden voids.  Fibre optic inspection can reveal extensive decay and the consequences of water penetration.  A high intensity light illuminates the area under inspection through a liquid light guide and a rigid Borescope eyepiece.  The siting of inspection holes (usually 10mm in diameter) depends on the problem under investigation but they can often be positioned out of sight and are easily resealed.

Interpreting information from fibre optic inspection requires practice, as it is easy to confuse spiders' webs with fungal mycelium.

Preventing Damage to Precious Wall Coverings

Borescopes are excellent at allowing an assessment of the distance that a dry rot outbreak has grown from its origin.  They can prevent damage to precious wall coverings and avoid the necessity for wide scale lifting of timber to allow access to hidden areas

We have successfully used Borescopes to investigate, hidden fungal and insect damage, corroded wall ties, investigations requiring conformation of hidden structures and water penetration.

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