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Indoor Air Quality & Health

Indoor Environmental Health Hazard Inspection

EBS Ltd is dedicated to improving the quality of the built environment and the health, comfort and productivity of building occupants.  A multi disciplinary team of scientists and engineers makes a systematic assessment of the causal agents of stress and illnesses in the buildings.  

Technical reports are prepared including recommendations for remedial action and specifications for the management of sick buildings.

The causal agents of stress and illness in buildings can be divided into the following categories:

Chemical Causal Agents of Illness and Stress in Buildings:

Inorganic Gaseous S0x, NOx, COx, 0x, Chlorine, Ammonia
Liquid Aerosols

Heavy metals, Mineral fibres

Organic Very Volatile Organic Compounds (VVOC) Formaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene
Volatile Organic Solvents, Compounds (VOC) Solvents, Plasticisers, Wood Preservatives
Semi-Volatile Organic (SVOC)

Pesticides, Fungicides

Particulate Organic Matter (POM) Soot, Dust

Chemical Causal Agents of Illness and Stress in Buildings:

Microbes Viruses Influenza
Bacteria, Mycobacteria Endotoxins, Legionella pneumophila
Fungi, Moulds, Mycoplasmas

Spores, Toxins, Mycotoxins, Conidia and Hyphae

Thermophilics Thermoactinomyces Vulgaris
Actinomycetes Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula (Micropolyspora faeni)

Plants Seed Plan Pollen

Anthropods Mites House-dust mites
Insects Cockroaches (disease carriers)

Animals Rodents Rats (disease carriers)
Insects Excretions, Animal dander, Skin, Scales, Fur, Feathers, Serum proteins
Birds Disease transmission
Humans CO2, Ammonia, Disease carriers

Physical Causal Agents of Illness and Stress in Buildings:

Sensible Temperature, Humidity (at extremes)
Light Glare, Flicker, Circadian Dis-synchronisation


Vibration Traffic, Trains, Aircraft

Insensible Static electricity -ve/+ve ion imbalance
E/mag radiation: Ionising Radon

UV under/over exposure Bio electromagnetic effects

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