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Damp & Moisture Problems

Flood Damage Assessment & Remediation


Flood Damaged Buildings

Flood damaged buildings may take many months or even years to dry out.  Further damage can be caused if drying out is not carried out carefully.  If masonry is subjected to rapid drying, it can result in differential movement between materials, leading to cracking and spalling.  Whereas if the stone is left to dry out too slowly, mould may start to establish and adjacent timbers will begin to decay.

EBS Ltd has years of experience of working together with owners of flood damaged buildings.  We ensure the drying out process is carefully managed and monitored to minimise additional damage to the building.

Environmental Monitoring

We have been involved with environmental monitoring and drying out of a range buildings following fire and flood damage including;

  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Windsor Castle
  • Cullen House
  • Guys Hospital
  • A range of public houses and historic buildings

EBS Ltd will carry out a detailed inspection of the flood damaged property to identify the moisture distribution, vulnerable materials and advise on the type of drying regime and the time scale of the drying out period.

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