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Insect & Pest Infestation

House Dust Mites

EBS Ltd provides independent scientific advice and analysis on biological contaminants in buildings.

The investigation, analysis and identification of environmental health problems caused by biological contaminants require a multidisciplinary approach.  It combines the skills of experienced building mycologists and pathologists, environmental health scientists and specialists in the environmental monitoring of condensation, moisture and damp.  We havein house scientists and specialists in all of these fields.

A thorough knowledge of the biology, ecology, physiology and epidemiology of mites is a pre-requisite for an accurate assessment of the problem.  

We carry out a complete house dust mite, mycoflora and environmental investigation, using air samplers and a range of hand held instrumentation and equipment.  This is followed up with laboratory analysis to identify and count the microbial contaminants.

The Control of Mites

EBS Ltd approaches the control of mites by the management of the building environment.  The infestation is controlled by an environmental micron high degree filtration system.  This system removes 99.76% of fungal spores from the affected areas.  The micron filtration system is tested to the IEC 312 filtration standard.

A technical report is prepared to identify whether the premises are prejudicial to health or not.  Detailed recommendations and specifications can be provided for the long-term solution of any problems discovered.

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