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Mould Survey, Monitoring, Identifying
& Health Implications

Book Mould Control for Libraries, Museums and Archives


Collection Conservation & Condition Assessment

EBS Ltd provides a monitoring and remediation service to archives following outbreaks of mould.

Typically monitoring is carried out to determine the conditions in the archive so that changes to the building fabric, services, structure and air conditioning can be made, and the consequences evaluated. Conditions within storage racks are compared with the archive as a whole and the output from the air conditioning. Microclimates are a common problem within racks leading to higher local humidity.

Remediation of moulds is also undertaken where necessary and staff training to carry out remediation can also be given.

Our clients & projects include;

  • Photographic Library, The National Gallery
  • Rothschild archives
  • Sheffield archives
  • Ayrshire archives
  • Tate Gallery archives
  • National Library of Scotland
  • Institute of Commonwealth Library

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