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Expert Witness in Mould & Health

Drying out water damage buildings to prevent decay advice

EBS Ltd provides a dedicated service to Loss Adjusters and Insurance companies following building failures due to plumbing leaks, fire and floods.

We are independent consultants and are usually consulted when a second opinion is required or where a dispute is ongoing.

Water damaged buildings will take many months or years to dry out following flooding and further damage can be caused to the building if the drying process is not carried out carefully.

Too rapid drying can result in differential movement between materials leading to cracking and spalling of masonry, whereas if left to dry out too slowly mould and timber decay may develop.

EBS Ltd has years of experience in advising owners of flood damaged buildings.  We ensure the drying out procedure is carefully managed to minimise additional damage to the building.

Independent Opinion on Building Investigations

EBS Ltd specialises in Forensic Investigations to form an independent opinion of building failures following plumbing leaks, fire and floods.  We apply a holistic approach to the pathology of buildings, structures, environments and materials, to prepare specifications for conservation repairs and develop sustainable solutions to building defects.  We undertake these investigations on behalf of surveyors, architects, engineers, builders and property owners.

EBS Ltd carries out non-destructive Forensic Building Investigation work to determine the cause(s) of building defects and failures.  We have particular expertise to form an independent opinion in the following areas;

  • Determining the age of dry rot infestation in buildings
  • Mapping moisture sources, reservoirs and sinks in buildings and determining the age of water ingress
  • Pathology of buildings to determine failures and causes
  • Indoor air quality and its impact on the health of the occupants
  • Evaluate live dead and hidden toxic mould spores, toxins and determine the age of infestation
  • Evaluate activity of insect and fungal infestation in buildings
  • Determine remedial chemical timber treatments residues & health implications

We carryout forensic investigations using practical experience gained over 30 years.  After a careful visual inspection, we use non-destructive instrumentation technologies, which are backed up with extensive laboratory studies (mainly in house).  We determine the age, type, extent and causes of water damage, leaks, damp and infestation.

Following these investigations a technical report is prepared for our clients.

Successful case studies to include;

Recent examples of successful case studies using non-destructive technology such as; Mould Air Sampling, Continuous Environmental Monitoring, Data Loggers, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Endoscopy and the Resistograph Decay Detection Drill include;

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Windsor Castle
  • The Tate Library
  • The National Gallery
  • Sark Islands Hall
  • Rothschild Archives
  • St Cecelia Jersey
  • The Lodge, Guernsey
  • Supreme Courts Edinburgh

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