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Indoor Air Quality & Health

Sick Building Syndrome Testing & Treatment

EBS Ltd provides expertise in the investigation of sick buildings by carrying out surveys on internal and external environmental conditions.

The Indoor Environment

Materials - formaldehyde, solvents, mineral fibres and pesticides.
Construction - airtightness and energy conservation, verses ventilation for the occupants and fabric.
Services and Controls - thermal comfort, air conditioning and control of the indoor micro climate.
Spatial Arrangement - building layouts, ceiling heights and volume of space per occupant.
Occupants - occupant activities, moisture and pollutants.
Environmental Factors - Lighting levels, noise, radon, moisture, damp, moulds and house dust mites.

Outdoor Environment

Global Pollution - S0x, COx, NOx, 0x, CFC emissions and pesticide residues, natural hazards - radon

Environmental Health Surveys

Management - advice on stress and illnesses in the built environment.
Medical - human defense mechanisms; enzyme detoxification, immune and physiological responses.
Psychology - psychological, perceptual and behavioral aspects of the built environment.

Health, Hygiene & the Environment

  • Management of insect pests in domestic, office and industrial premises
  • Environmental effects of pesticides
  • Management of structural threatening insect pests
  • Assessment of biological and chemical health hazards in buildings
  • Management of house dust mite, fungi and mould infestations and allergy problems in buildings, epidemiology and environmental assessment
  • EBS Ltd offers advice on legal issues and an expert witness service in litigation cases in the above issues.

We also provide independent scientific advice and analysis on building health problems and occupational hygiene. These include:

  • Sick building syndrome
  • Allergy problems
  • Legionella
  • Mould
  • Lighting
  • Indoor air quality

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